Recovering from the egg collection procedure

An hour or two after your egg collection, you get a bite to eat and then you're ready to go home. Before you leave, you're given details about when to contact the IVF clinic to find out if and how many of your eggs have fertilised and when you're needed back for embryo transfer. In most clinics you call the nurses for this information.

Take it easy for a day or two after your egg collection. You're bound to experience cramping and feel a bit sore afterwards, and some vaginal bleeding from the needle perforations is to be expected.

You can use painkillers if you need to after the egg collection procedure but make sure that you use paracetamol, not aspirin, because aspirin has a blood-thinning effect, which can increase the bleeding from the puncture sites. When in doubt, ask your IVF doctor about which medications to use.

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