Recognising your families disappointment

Many of the people close to you will be disappointed that IVF hasn't worked for you. They've been keeping their fingers crossed hoping that your extraordinary effort would pay off and feel sad for you that it didn't. But they may also feel a bit sorry for themselves; for example, your mother may be disappointed that she won't become a grandparent or your sister may be sad that she won't be an aunt. If you already have children who were looking forward to having a sibling, they may feel that they've missed out on something they were looking forward to.

Although you can acknowledge others' disappointment, you have enough on your plate managing your own feelings and trying to help your partner and current children (if you have them), so try not to take on helping others as well. Your friends and family have to deal with their own feelings themselves and hopefully will soon realise that you need their love and support during this time, not their frustration.

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