Preparing for Pregnancy Probing and Prodding

As an IVF mum, expect many check-ups, tests and examinations during your pregnancy. There are many reasons for this scrutiny:

1 Doctors and midwives sometimes feel extra-protective of women who conceive with IVF.

1 IVF mums are generally older than other mums and therefore have a slightly higher risk of pregnancy complications.

1 Most IVF mums are first-time mothers.

1 Twins are more common after IVF than with spontaneous conception.

If you want to enjoy the natural process of pregnancy, you may not appreciate the high-level surveillance you get when you're pregnant. But if you worry about whether your baby is doing okay, you may be reassured by your frequent antenatal check-ups.

I talk more about pregnancy tests, check-ups and screening in Chapter 18.

Some women feel exceptionally well and positively glow during pregnancy, whereas others suffer a lot of physical discomfort or have to be hospitalised because of pregnancy complications. Don't feel guilty and, above all, don't blame yourself if you don't enjoy every moment of your pregnancy — such feelings don't mean that you're ungrateful.

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