Moving On When IVF Doesnt Work

In This Chapter

^ Closing the IVF door ^ Managing your disappointment ^ Getting back into life

A\ lthough the chances of having a baby with IVF have increased ¥ • dramatically over recent years, the sad fact is that treatment still doesn't work for everyone. IVF clinics provide plenty of information about their 'success' rates, but you need to remember on the flip side that they also have a 'no success' rate.

Some couples fluke it first time around, but many couples need to try a few times before they strike it lucky and some couples never hit the jackpot. Clinics often talk about your 'cumulative chances', which may be something like your chances of having a baby after three stimulated cycles (see Chapter 5) and including any frozen embryos. But what happens if you're still not pregnant after several stimulated cycles? How long do you keep going with treatment? How do you know when there's no point continuing any more?

In this chapter, I discuss how you may arrive at a decision to stop treatment that feels right for you and how to move on with your life after treatment.

100 Pregnancy Tips

100 Pregnancy Tips

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