Making Treatment Work with Work

You're likely to experience frustrating time clashes between your IVF treatment and work commitments. During your course of IVF treatment you attend the clinic for appointments with doctors and nurses and for blood tests, ultrasound examinations, egg collection and embryo transfer. Some of these visits are scheduled well in advance, allowing you to plan ahead and reduce the disruption to your work. But sometimes you have to visit the clinic at short notice or at an inconvenient time work-wise, which adds to the stress of treatment.

If you tell your employer that you need time off work to attend appointments for IVF treatment, you may well find that your employer is sympathetic and keen to accommodate the necessary interruptions. In such cases, disruptions can be minimised.

However, you may not want people at work knowing that you're having infertility treatment. You can try making up excuses for your late arrivals and disappearances during the working day, but you won't find too many plausible excuses and sooner or later your boss or work colleagues may start to grizzle about your absences.

If you don't want work to know about your IVF treatment, ask your doctor for a medical certificate to give to work to cover your absences and tell your boss that you have medical appointments.

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