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You've no doubt heard how pregnant women have all sorts of signs and symptoms as soon as they conceive and how they just know that they're pregnant. These signs may be anything from tender breasts, nausea, tiredness and dizziness to needing to go to the toilet ten times every night. So, after transfer, you're looking for all these and other 'sure' signs of pregnancy. But, trust me, you can have all sorts of sure signs and not be pregnant, and you can be pregnant with no signs at all.

You may be very tempted to take a home pregnancy test to avoid the long wait. Unfortunately, home pregnancy tests require a fair amount of pregnancy hormone to be present in your urine to turn positive and enough won't develop in the first two weeks after embryo transfer. As a result, home test results during this time are often negative, even if you're pregnant.

Vaginal bleeding can be bad news if you're pregnant, so after IVF you can be forgiven for obsessively checking your underwear. But remember, spotting or light bleeding can happen when the embryo implants in the uterus, so such a sign isn't necessarily the end of the world. And even if you have slightly heavier bleeding, you may still be pregnant, so continue with any medication until you have the result of your pregnancy test. When in doubt, talk to your IVF doctor or nurse.

If you haven't had any bleeding at all by the time you have your pregnancy test, you may be pregnant. But a word of caution: Some of the hormone medications that you may take after embryo transfer can delay the onset of a period, so you need to wait for the result of your test to know whether the treatment has worked.

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