Identifying the Most Viable Embryos

The majority of embryos created in IVF labs — and indeed many of the embryos that come into being as a result of good old-fashioned sex — don't survive to develop into babies. Embryologists grade embryos based on their appearance (see Chapter 7) and good-looking embryos have a greater chance of developing into babies than not so good-looking embryos. But there's more to it than looks alone because even the best looking embryos don't always result in pregnancies and sometimes embryos that don't look so flash continue to develop into healthy babies.

Wouldn't it be great to know which of your embryos has the greatest potential to develop into a baby so that you don't have to waste precious time transferring non-viable embryos? That's exactly what embryologists are currently trying to do. Growing embryos produce substances that embryologists can measure in the culture medium where the embryos grow, and embryologists are getting better and better at using this information to help them select the most viable embryos for transfer. In the future, embryologists hope to be able to select only the most viable embryos for transfer and/or freezing.

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