Icons Used in This Book

To help you get the most out of this book, I include some icons that tell you at a glance whether a section or paragraph has important information of a particular kind.

This icon points you to useful websites.

Over the years that I've been working with infertile couples, I've heard many personal stories that have given me an appreciation of how infertility affects people's lives. I think you'll find some of these stories very pertinent.

This icon points you to important information that you need during your infertility and IVF journey.

If you like to know the nitty-gritty of how things work, this icon directs you to information that's not essential reading but may interest you.

This icon highlights handy hints that can make life easier for you during IVF and beyond.

This icon alerts you to potential problems or difficulties.

Pregnancy Nutrition

Pregnancy Nutrition

Are You Expecting? Find Out Everything You Need to Know About Pregnancy and Nutrition Without Having to Buy a Dictionary. This book is among the first books to be written with the expertise of a medical expert and from the viewpoint of the average, everyday, ordinary,

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