Having more than one baby

The number of couples who have a multiple birth after IVF treatment has been steadily decreasing over the last few years, mainly because more and more women are having only one embryo transferred. But twins are still more common among IVF parents: In 2007, about 10 per cent of IVF parents had twins compared with a rate of 1.7 per cent for parents in general.

Even if the pregnancy goes well, carrying twins is hard work and takes its toll on your physical and emotional health. As a result, if you're having twins, you're likely to spend a lot of time being monitored during your pregnancy. You're also more likely to need bed rest during pregnancy, to deliver prematurely and to have babies that weigh less than if you had only one baby on board.

100 Pregnancy Tips

100 Pregnancy Tips

Prior to planning pregnancy, you should learn more about the things involved in getting pregnant. It involves carrying a baby inside you for nine months, caring for a child for a number of years, and many more. Consider these things, so that you can properly assess if you are ready for pregnancy. Get all these very important tips about pregnancy that you need to know.

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