Giving Nature a Hand

After the eggs and sperm are safely delivered to the capable embryologists in the lab, you have to rely on their expertise and a good dose of luck for the next few days. In Chapter 7, I explain in detail what happens in the lab, but all being well, over the next few days eggs and sperm magically transform into healthy embryos.

All the equipment that's used in the lab where your eggs, sperm and embryos are kept is carefully labelled with your details to make sure that no mix-ups occur. I discuss the systems in place to avoid mix-ups in Chapter 7.

Pregnancy Diet Plan

Pregnancy Diet Plan

The first trimester is very important for the mother and the baby. For most women it is common to find out about their pregnancy after they have missed their menstrual cycle. Since, not all women note their menstrual cycle and dates of intercourse, it may cause slight confusion about the exact date of conception. That is why most women find out that they are pregnant only after one month of pregnancy.

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