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The embryologists are involved in the management of your treatment. They review your medical history close to egg collection and make sure that they're ready to take good care of the eggs and sperm when they're delivered to the lab. The following information helps the embryologists to

104 Part ||: am You Need to Know About |vf estimate how many eggs you'll have and what your sperm quality may be like, in order to adequately prepare for your treatment:

1 Any special treatments requested by your doctor 1 Cause of your infertility i Number of follicles seen on ultrasound i Results of any previous treatment cycle(s) 1 Sperm test results (refer to Chapter 1) i Your age i Your hormone levels

1 Your stimulation protocol (refer to Chapter 6)

The embryologists also check that you've signed all the necessary consent forms, including giving permission for any special procedures that may be needed such as ICSI and embryo freezing.

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Pregnancy Nutrition

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