Discovering help online

Endless opportunities exist to connect online with people anywhere in the world with whom you share experiences, and infertility experiences are no exception. Hundreds of websites and chat rooms are dedicated to couples with fertility difficulties. You can access these virtual support groups from your desk at home. The groups can be very useful as a sounding board and for making you realise that you're not on your own.

If you find talking about infertility or your feelings difficult, internet-based support may be more suitable for you; you can stay anonymous and such interaction may be less confronting than sharing your feelings with someone close to you.

Two good places to start are ii ACCESS, Australia's National Infertility Network (

I Australian Infertility Support Group ( aisg)

I list some other useful websites to visit in Appendix C.

Some websites provide infertility-related medical information and advice. The quality of this information varies considerably: Treat all such information with caution. By all means, use the internet to become more knowledgeable about infertility and its causes and treatments, but don't treat the information you find as gospel. Each couple's circumstances are different and unique and you need individualised advice, which only those familiar with your detailed medical history can provide.

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