Coping when lifes not as fun as it used to be

Enjoying life as much as you normally do can be hard when you're undergoing IVF treatment, especially when the treatment isn't working. The physical and emotional demands of treatment tend to be a bit of a dampener on your spirits. You may feel that your life has lost its gloss and become bleak and gloomy.

As far as possible, try to keep doing the activities you really enjoy while you're on the IVF program — such as playing a sport, reading, seeing friends or going to the movies. These activities give you a sense of normality and are a chance for you to take a break from the strain of life with IVF.

Hanging In There Together

The big life challenges really put relationships to the test. The way you and your partner deal with the stress of your infertility and IVF treatment can make or break your relationship.

i Gaining strength from each other: Most couples who go down the IVF path have a strong commitment to each other and to their goal of having children together. Studies show that these couples often have better-functioning relationships than average couples and that they perceive each other as their best source of support when they go through the ups and down of treatment. Some reports even show that the rocky road of IVF can bring partners closer together and make their relationship stronger than ever before.

i Drifting apart: Sometimes the emotional strain of IVF can be too much and partners have trouble being there for each other. This may be because the partners have different ways of dealing with difficulties or because one partner is more committed to having children than the other. As a result, unfortunately a few relationships don't survive the stress of IVF treatment.

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