Consenting to treatment

As with other medical procedures, you have to give your permission for IVF treatment by signing consent forms. The exact content of the forms varies between clinics, but each form incorporates information about the procedures you agree to have and the risks of treatment, including the fact that the treatment may be unsuccessful.

You may also be asked to decide on the following:

1 The number of embryos that can be transferred at any one time

1 What you want to happen to any embryos that you don't need i Whether you agree to have your embryos frozen i Whether you agree to scientific research being performed on any embryos that aren't suitable for transfer or freezing

You and your partner need to agree on the choices you make, so take the forms home and discuss the options together, so that you're comfortable with what you sign.

Consent forms can be difficult to understand: Read the forms carefully and if anything seems unclear, ask your doctor to explain the details to you before you sign.

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