Completing your first treatment cycle

Every time you try to conceive with IVF there's a chance the treatment will work. If you're lucky, it may work the very first time for you. In one study of 200 women who were pregnant as a result of IVF, 26 per cent were fortunate enough to conceive on their first go. If it's bingo for you first time, you'll think IVF is pretty easy and that all the talk about how hard it can be to conceive with IVF is nonsense: You have a 100 per cent personal success rate.

If you're unsuccessful on your first attempt to conceive with IVF, you may be encouraged to know that in the same study of 200 women, 68 per cent conceived within 12 months of treatment and on average they had 3.5 transfers, including transfers of frozen embryos, before hitting the jackpot.

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