Completing some basic medical tests

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You need to have several more medical tests before treatment can finally begin. These basic tests help your IVF doctor to manage your treatment effectively.

^ Screening blood tests: Couples are routinely tested for several things, including:

• German measles (Rubella) and chickenpox ( Varicella) immunity — only the female partner needs these tests; if you're not immune to these infectious diseases, you need to be immunised before starting treatment

• HIV and syphilis

1 Other blood tests: Depending on the cause of your infertility, you may need to have some of your hormone levels checked.

1 Sperm test: Even if you've already had a sperm test, you may be asked to have another test done in a specialist lab where a more-detailed assessment of the quality of your sperm can be undertaken.

1 Ultrasound examinations: Your eggs are collected via ultrasound, so an initial vaginal ultrasound examination allows your IVF doctor to see how accessible your ovaries are. Your doctor also uses the image to check the health of your ovaries and uterus, and determine the dose of fertility drugs that's best for you.

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