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Glenn Lumsden

'With a bit of scientific help, the miracle of life just got even more miraculous.'

Congratulations: IVF treatment worked for you and you're pregnant! Beyond IVF is a whole new world, one you've wanted to be part of for a long time. But you may find that the blissful state of pregnancy isn't so blissful after all and that caring for a baby can in fact be a bit of a nightmare.

In this part, I talk about pregnancy, birth and parenting after IVF, and how you can prepare yourself for this new phase of your life.

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100 Pregnancy Tips

100 Pregnancy Tips

Prior to planning pregnancy, you should learn more about the things involved in getting pregnant. It involves carrying a baby inside you for nine months, caring for a child for a number of years, and many more. Consider these things, so that you can properly assess if you are ready for pregnancy. Get all these very important tips about pregnancy that you need to know.

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