Authors Acknowledgements

Over the many years that I've been involved in the areas of infertility and IVF I've had the good fortune of working with, and being mentored by, many extraordinary people. The knowledge and experience I gained from these people has allowed me to write this book and I'm deeply indebted to them. In chronological order they are: Professor Lars Hamberger, who pioneered IVF in Scandinavia; Drs Matts Wikland and Lennart Enk, who established one of the first private IVF clinics in Sweden; the late Ian Johnston, who was the medical director of the team responsible for the first Australian IVF birth and the first Chairman of Melbourne IVF; Dr John McBain, who subsequently became Chairman of Melbourne IVF; Ms Kay Oke, who led the way to make counselling an integral part of IVF; Professor Gordon Baker, who encouraged me to do research; and Associate Professor Jane Fisher at the Key Centre for Women's Health in Society at the University of Melbourne, who was the principal investigator of the study about childbearing after IVF and my PhD supervisor.

I owe special thanks for assistance during the production of this book to Louise Johnson and Tracey Petrillo from the Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority for their expert advice on the legal aspects of IVF; Dr John McBain for his technical review; my husband, Alan Trounson, for his help with the chapter about IVF research; Dr Matts Wikland for providing ultrasound images; and Associate Professor Jane Fisher and Dr Heather Rowe for sharing their excellent work on helping new parents through the transition to parenthood.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with the Wiley team. Acquisitions Editor Charlotte Duff saw the need for a resource for people considering IVF and believed I could write it; Bronwyn Duhigg helped me navigate the process of writing a For Dummies book; Caroline Hunter was the most wonderful and sensitive editor a writer could wish for; and Gabrielle Packman was a great project leader. I also thank Glenn Lumsden for his illustrations and the US editors for their input.

Lastly, I want to express some personal thanks. My husband, Alan, and our children, Karl and Alex, have given me much-appreciated encouragement and support during the year that I've been glued to my computer; and my 'Wednesday Walkers' friends have listened patiently to accounts of my writing progress — and sometimes lack thereof.

Publisher's Acknowledgements

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Some of the people who helped bring this book to market include the following:

Acquisitions, Editorial and Media Production

Development Graphics: Wiley Art Studio

Project Editor Caroline Hunter, Burrumundi Cartoons: Glenn Lumsden Pty Ltd

Proofreader: Marguerite Thomas

Acquisitions Editors: Bronwyn Duhigg and

Charlotte Duff Indexer: Karen Gillen

Editorial Manager: Gabrielle Packman

The author and publisher would like to thank the following copyright holders, organisations and individuals for their permission to reproduce copyright material in this book:

• Jane Fisher: page 230

Every effort has been made to trace the ownership of copyright material. Information that will enable the publisher to rectify any error or omission in subsequent editions will be welcome. In such cases, please contact the Permissions Section of John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd.

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