Vitamin A

The body's ability to absorb vitamin A during diarrhea is reduced, which may lead to acute vitamin A deficiency. Repeated episodes may lead to blindness and signs of xerophthalmia. If these are recognized, 200 000 units of vitamin A should be orally administered to children (100 000 units for infants). There should be two subsequent doses, one the following day and another in 4 weeks. In areas where vitamin A deficiency is a problem, any foods that are rich in carotene should be administered (including dark leafy vegetables and yellow or orange fruits and vegetables). Vitamin A deficiency is most common among severely undernourished children and among children who have recently recovered from the measles.

Breaking Bulimia

Breaking Bulimia

We have all been there: turning to the refrigerator if feeling lonely or bored or indulging in seconds or thirds if strained. But if you suffer from bulimia, the from time to time urge to overeat is more like an obsession.

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