Severe Malnutrition and Reductive Adaptation

The acute phase response to an infection is muted in severe protein-energy malnutrition in part of a process referred to as 'reductive adaptation,' whereby the structure and function of cells or tissues cannot be maintained due to the limited supply of energy resulting from decreased nutritional intake. Protein synthesis from amino acids is highly energy-dependent and proteins have a wide variety of structural and functional roles in the body, including the cytokines that initiate the acute phase reaction (IL-1, Il-6, tumor necrosis factor (TNF-a)). Severely malnourished individuals are therefore immunocompromised, in that they cannot produce an adequate immune response to infection. The generalized responses to infection such as fever and increased pulse, as well as localized responses such as inflammation and delayed cutaneous hyper-sensitivity, may also not manifest. Silent infections must therefore always be suspected and treated in severe malnutrition.

Table 1 Major infections: their effect on nutritional status and ways in which these infections may be modulated by nutrition

Nutritional modulation Infection Nutritional effects

Table 1 Major infections: their effect on nutritional status and ways in which these infections may be modulated by nutrition

Nutritional modulation Infection Nutritional effects

Zinc: # incidence and morbidity

Acute Respiratory


Ascorbic acid: may have protective effect

infections (ARI)


(conflicting results)

Vitamin A: # incidence of diarrhea

Diarrheal diseases

Nutrient losses

Breast feeding: ^incidence of diarrhea

Intestinal damage and malabsorption

Malnutrition ! # epithelial integrity and


" diarrhea

Electrolyte imbalance

Zinc: # duration and mortality

Nutrient deficiencies (e.g., vitamin A)

Vitamin A: # morbidity and mortality in



HIV + children


Wasting syndrome

# plasma selenium associated with " HIV

virus (HIV)

When treated with HAARTb can lead to metabolic


changes and lipodystrophy

Ascorbic acid: may # HIV viral load

Zinc supplementation ! conflicting results in


Vitamin A: in lactation may " MTCTa

Intestinal parasites

Nutrient losses



Anemia (in hookworm and Trichuris)

Impaired growth and weight loss

Vitamin A: # malaria-anemia



Iron: # malaria-anemia but may " morbidity

" Protein metabolism


Fever ! " energy needs

# Plasma retinol

Malaria in pregnancy ! low-birth-weight baby

Vitamin A: " measles specific Ab in response



to measles vaccination

Buccal mucosal lesions ! # intake

Vitamin A: # morbidity

" Catabolism ! growth faltering and weight loss

# Plasma retinol

Tuberculosis (TB)

" Energy metabolism

" Protein breakdown



aMTCT: mother to child transmission. bHAART: highly active anti-retroviral therapy.

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