Pattern of Weight Gain

Relatively little (1-2.5 kg) of the total weight gain during pregnancy occurs during the first trimester, whereas gain in the last two trimesters is relatively linear. Nevertheless, it is important to pay attention to the quality of pregnant women's diets during the first trimester and to ensure that they do not restrict their intake during this time, when there is the

Maternal weight gain (kg)

Figure 1 The relationship between maternal pregnancy weight gain and birth weight. (Reproduced with permission from the Institute of Medicine, Committee on Nutritional Status during Pregnancy and Lactation (1990) Nutrition during Pregnancy. Weight Gain. Nutrient Supplements. Food and Nutrition Board. Washington, DC: National Academy Press.)

strongest risk of nutrition-related birth defects and spontaneous abortions. In some studies, an association has been noted between low weight gain in the first trimester and increased risk of spontaneous preterm delivery.

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