Ideal Body Weight

The estimate of ideal body weight (IBW) is also in part determined by the severity of the CP. The IBW should be aimed at maintaining adequate fat and muscle stores to endure repeated surgeries or a common virus while facilitating daily physical care and management. Weight-for-length is an indicator of nutritional status, which obscures the issue of chronological age and addresses whether the individual is proportionate. IBW can be expressed as this ratio. Those with cerebral palsy should attain and maintain an IBW that takes into account their age, level of physical ability, and their independence. Measurement of arm anthropometry will provide a description of body composition and support clinical judgments related to IBW. For example, children with spastic quadriplegia are the most dependent and the 10th percentile weight-for-length would be designated as the IBW. However, this assignment is done in tandem with assessment and monitoring of body composition, and if either the arm fat or the arm muscle area were less than the 5th percentile, then the IBW would be adjusted upward.

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