Cataracts and Photoreceptors

Several micronutrients, especially those that can have antioxidant functions in living tissues, have recently been investigated in relation to possible protection against degenerative eye diseases, such as cataract. Studies in animal models have suggested, albeit indirectly, that riboflavin status may be important here, and several recent epidemiologi-cal studies, including an intervention study in one region of China, have supported the suggestion that good riboflavin status, or riboflavin supplements, may be protective. Although the evidence must be considered as tentative and incomplete at the present time, this possibility clearly deserves further study.

Another intriguing role of flavoproteins in the eye involves a photoreceptor function that synchronizes circadian rhythms with the solar light-dark cycle, specifically via cryptocromes 1 and 2, which contain FAD and function as blue-light-sensitive photoreceptors.

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