Bone matrix

Bone matrix is a composite material that derives its strength from a compression-resistant mineral phase and a tension-resistant network of collagen fibers. Bone's mineral phase - calcium hydroxyapatite,

Haversian canal: contains blood vessels and nerves

Volkmann's canal


Volkmann's canal


Osteon: cylinder of bone matrix in the long axis of the bone; consists of 20-30 concentric layers of matrix

Articular surface


Epiphyseal growth plate

Trabecular bone

Cortical bone Marrow cavity

Trabecular bone in secondary ossification center

Figure 1 The anatomy of a long bone, e.g., the femur. Inset shows an enlarged section of cortical bone.

Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2 - is subdivided into a mosaic of tiny microcrystallites, thereby creating a large surface area for ion exchange and limiting the spread of cracks. Bone matrix also contains a number of specialized noncollagenous proteins, such as osteocal-cin, osteonectin and osteopontin.

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