Bioimpedance Analysis BIA

BIA is a simple, low-expense, noninvasive body composition measurement method. BIA is based on the electrical conductive properties of the human body. Measures of bioelectrical conductivity are proportional to total body water and the body compartments with high water concentrations such as fat free and skeletal muscle mass. BIA assumes that the body consists of two compartments, fat and FFM (Body weight = Fat + FFM). BIA is best known as a technique for the measurement of percent body fat although it has more recently been used for estimating skeletal muscle mass too.

Breaking Bulimia

Breaking Bulimia

We have all been there: turning to the refrigerator if feeling lonely or bored or indulging in seconds or thirds if strained. But if you suffer from bulimia, the from time to time urge to overeat is more like an obsession.

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