Raised Trachea

Would help food and drink to bypass the windpipe more effectively. This design would need refining, though, because it would disrupt breathing through the mouth and the ability to speak


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panying disorders are neither unnatural nor avoidable. No simple interventions can make up for the countless imperfections that permeate our anatomy and are revealed by the passage of time. We are confident, however, that researchers in the various biomedical sciences will be able to ease certain of the maladies that result from our extended life spans. Investigators are rapidly identifying (and discerning the function of) our myriad genes, developing pharmaceuticals to control them, and learning how to harness and enhance the extraordinary repair capabilities that already exist inside our bodies. These profound advances will eventually help compensate for many of the design flaws contained within us all.

Health and Longevity

OUR RESEARCH interest in redesigning the Homo sapiens body is a reaction to the health and mortality consequences of growing old. We focus on anatomical "oddities" and "design flaws" not only because they would be familiar to most readers, but because they represent a small sample of lethal and disabling conditions that threaten the length and quality of life. It is important to recognize that we live in a world in which human ingenuity has made it possible for an unprecedented number of people to grow old. Our redesign goal is thus to draw attention to the health consequences associated with the aging of individuals and populations.

One critical message we wish to convey is that people were

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