20 Once We Were Not Alone

By Ian Tattersall

We take for granted that Homo sapiens is the only hominid on earth. Yet for at least four million years, many hominid species shared the planet. What makes us different?

28 Who Were the Neandertals?

By Kate Wong

With contributions by Erik Trinkaus and Cidalia Duarte; by Joao Zilhao and Francesco d'Errico; and by Fred H. Smith Contentious evidence indicates that these hominids interbred with anatomically modern humans and sometimes behaved in surprisingly modern ways.

38 Out of Africa Again ... and Again?

By Ian Tattersall

Africa is the birthplace of humanity. But how many human species evolved there? And when did they emigrate?

46 The Multiregional Evolution of Humans

By Alan G. Thorne and Milford H. Wolpoff

Both fossil and genetic clues argue that ancient ancestors of various human groups lived where they are found today.

54 The Recent African Genesis of Humans

By Rebecca L. Cann and Allan C. Wilson

Genetic studies reveal that an African woman of 200,000 years ago was our common ancestor.

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