Homoeopathy and Homotoxicology

Already before World War II Reckeweg had tried to find out why, under the influence of homoeopathic remedies, one disease disappeared while another one emerged instead.732 He was not convinced by Hahnemann's explanation that the actual disease was eliminated by the secondary disease which was artificially induced by the homoeopathic remedy, and thought that the scientific insights of chemistry, physiology and medicine had progressed beyond that.733 He explained the effect mechanism of homoeotherapy with his doctrina medica: accord

728 This does not signify that for each disease there is a clearly defined underlying homotoxin. The disease diagnosis can conceal a complex process that takes place at several levels and involves a number of homotoxins. Herzberger and Reinhart (2007), p. 84. Reckeweg (1958), p. 5.

730 For more detail cf. Herzberger and Reinhart (2007), pp. 11-21.

732 See p. 23 above.

ing to homotoxicology the secondary disease that Hahnemann had noticed was a secondary defence action against the toxins.734

Reckeweg considered homoeopathic preparations to be suitable for combating toxins as they stimulated the "Greater Defence System".735 Based on his observations he had established the "Greater Defence System" as a foundation for the various detoxification processes. This system he subdivided into five subsystems which he linked up with each other to express their close interaction. The detoxification processes underlying the disease are enhanced by the homoeopathic remedies and are given a particular direction and this accelerates bonding and elimination of the toxins. The effect of the Greater Defence System manifests after the application of homoeopathic remedies especially in regressive vicariations which are identical to natural healing if they proceed up to the physiological excretion phase.736

As the homotoxin that caused the disease is, in most cases, not known, a similar homotoxin has to be used to stimulate the defence system according to Reckeweg: the homoeopathic simile. The simile excites the disturbed life force which explains the impressive defence effect that is often observed after application of the right homoeopathic remedy. The body is given a mirror-image toxin in a potentised form. Homotoxicology also confirms the Arndt-Schulz-rule: diluted active agents, i.e. homoeopathi-cally diluted homotoxins, excite life processes in a specifically antihomotoxic way.737 Because the dilutions are no longer toxic, no additional disease symptoms or toxin defence processes are provoked by the antihomotoxic remedy. The causative homotoxins can be neutralised by the newly mobilised defence mechanisms and this happens via the Greater Defence System.738

According to homotoxicology the homoeopathic remedies do, however, not target the disease symptoms. These symptoms are basically the mirror image of an internal toxic situation and the defence reactions it sets off. They are signs of the organism's fight against

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