common name Ginger.

oRiGiN Native to southern Asia and grown throughout the tropics.

background Ginger has played a major medicinal and culinary role in many cultures for millennia, and is highly valued, especially for relieving indigestion and nausea and stimulating the circulation.

preparation The rhizome is dried and stripped of its outer layer, before being macerated in alcohol.

Remedy profile

People who benefit most from Zingiber are cheerful even when in great pain. They are nervous and fidgety, and often restless at night, despite being sleepy.

Digestive disorders are chiefly associated with Zingiber. Typical symptoms treated include nausea, vomiting, and colicky pain in the abdomen, with chronic excess mucus production in the intestine. The remedy is also prescribed for asthma that is marked by a total absence of any accompanying anxiety. Symptoms better None known. Symptoms worse For cold air; for uncovering the body; for touch; for lying; for movement; for bread; for melons.


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