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symptoms Sensitive genitalia with severe vulval itching. The vagina may feel hot, dry, and raw. Symptoms may be associated with excessive sexual activity and fibroids. Symptoms better For rolling from side to side. Symptoms worse For touch; for scratching; after heavy menstruation; on the left side.

tarentula Despite its fearsome reputation, probably based on the link with tarantism and on confusion with the deadly North American tarantula, the bite of this spider is about as toxic as a bee sting.


Peripheral Neuropathy Natural Treatment Options

Peripheral Neuropathy Natural Treatment Options

This guide will help millions of people understand this condition so that they can take control of their lives and make informed decisions. The ebook covers information on a vast number of different types of neuropathy. In addition, it will be a useful resource for their families, caregivers, and health care providers.

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