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symptoms Sepia may be used for hormone imbalances linked to PMS, and for thrush, heavy, painful menstruation, and menopause. Typical symptoms may include a dislike of being touched, particularly before menstruation, during menopause, or if there are associated emotional problems. Before, during, and after pregnancy, emotional and physical ailments such as nausea and fatigue may be helped by the remedy. Sexual intercourse may seem painful, prompting an aversion to it. There may be intense abdominal pressure and stress incontinence on laughing or coughing, which may be an indicator of a prolapsed uterus. Symptoms better For fresh air; for exercise; for crossing the legs; for being occupied; for sleep; for eating.

Symptoms worse In the early morning; in the early evening; for thundery weather; for lying on the left side; for fatigue.

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