warts 70, 242-43

genital warts 110 wartweed see Chelidonium majus washing soda see Natrum carbonicum waste products, transportation by the blood 184 water hemlock see Cicuta virosa watering eyes 220-21 weed see Cannabis sativa wheezing 45

white ash see Fraxinus americana white bryony see Bryonia alba white cedar see Thuja occidentalis white hellebore see Veratrum album white phosphorus see Phosphorus whitethorn see Crataegus laevigata whooping cough 100, 250-51 wild chamomile see Chamomilla recutita wild hops see Bryonia alba wild hyacinth see Agraphis nutans wild indigo see Baptisia tinctoria wild lavender see Vitex agnus-castus wild licorice see Smilax officinalis wild nard see Asarum europaeum wild pansy see Viola tricolor wild rosemary see Ledum palustre wild turnip see Arisaema triphyllum wild yam see Dioscorea villosa witch meal see Lycopodium clavatum witches' berry see Atropa belladonna wolf spider see Tarantula hispanica wolf's bane see Actinium napellus wolf's claw see Lycopodium clavatum women's health

Aurum metallicum (Arum met.) 75 Calcium carbonicum Hahnemanni (Calc. carb.) 77

women's health (continued)

Cephaelis ipecacuanha (Ipecac.) 45 Lachesis muta (Lachesis) 109 Lilium tigrinum (Lilium) 58 Medorrhinum (Medorrhinum) 110 Natrum chloratum (Nat. mur.) 92 Pulsatilla pratensis subsp. nigricans

(Pulsatilla) 61 self-help ailments 256-63 Sepia officinalis (Sepia) 112 serious ailments 199-201, 203 Strychnos nux-vomica (Nux vomica) 63 Sulphur (Sulfur) 99 Tarentula hispanica (Tarentula) 114 see also individual conditions by name, e.g., heavy periods wood charcoal see Carbo vegetabilis woody nightshade see Solanum dulcamara woorali root see Strychnos toxifera worms, intestinal 38 wormwood see Artemisia vulgaris woundwort see Achillea millefolium Wyethia helenoides (Wyethia) 173, 311

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