Viburnum opulus


Vinca minor

Key uses

• Constipation

• Disorders of the female reproductive organs

• Mucous membrane problems

• Premenstrual depression

• Red, swollen skin complaints, such as boils, itchy bumps, weals, and lentil-shaped spots

• Stinging, burning pains

Key uses

• Painful menstruation

• Pains following labor

• Recurrent miscarriage

• Threatened abortion

Key uses

• Burning leg ulcers

• Excessive menstrual flow

• Warm scalp with foul-smelling eruptions and corrosive itching

• Weeping eczema

See Materia Medica page 171 See Materia Medica page 172 See Materia Medica page 172


Viola tricolor


Vipera berus

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