ulcerative colitis 190 ulcers 113

mouth ulcers 70, 232-33 unconsciousness, first aid 270 upright virgin's bower see Clematis recta uranium nitrate 310

see also Uranium nitricum Uranium nitricum (Uranium nit.) 170, 310 Urginea maritima var. rubra (Squilla) 170, 307 urinary disorders 58, 79

see also individual ailments by name, e.g., incontinence & frequent urination urinary tract infections 43, 110 see also cystitis urogenital problems 54, 59, 64, 101

see also genital disorders; urinary disorders Urtica urens (Urtica urens) 170, 310 burns 270

minor burns & scalds 273 urticaria 242-43 urticaria 104, 242-43 Ustilago zeae (Ustilago) 171, 310 uterus 198

fibroids 199 Uva ursi 310

see also Arctostaphylos uva-ursi

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How To Win Your War Against Anxiety Disorders

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