Teucrium Marum

common name Cat thyme. origin Native to Spain and southern Europe, and now found worldwide. background Cat thyme has traditionally been used by herbalists for its properties as an astringent and stimulant. It has also been used in the treatment of gallbladder and stomach disorders. preparation The fresh aerial parts without the woody lower branches are finely chopped before being macerated in alcohol.

including their symptoms. They are easily overexcited and exhausted.

The primary affinity of this remedy is with polyps, which may affect the nose, ears, vagina, and rectum. Nasal polyps may be accompanied by chronic catarrh, dried-up, foul-smelling crusts of catarrh, and loss of smell. Fibrous tumors on the eyelids and fibroids in the uterus may be helped by the remedy, as may lumps in the urethra caused by gonorrhea.

Teucrium marum may also be given for intestinal worms, involving itching and tingling in the anus and rectum. Symptoms better For open air; for perspiring. Symptoms worse For damp and cold; for changes in the weather; for the warmth of the bed; for evening; at night; for touching or rubbing the affected area.

Remedy profile

People for whom Teucrium marum is considered most effective tend to be oversensitive and feel worse for hearing or talking about unpleasant things,

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