Teething describes the discomfort that may arise during the eruption from the gums of a baby's milk teeth. This usually starts at the age of about six months and continues until approximately the end of the child's third year. Symptoms include sore gums, irritability, and upset stomach. SELF-HELP Combination R tissue salts (see page 216) may be given throughout the teething period.

CAUTION If there is a high fever (see page 248) do not assume that it is a symptom of the teething, and consult a doctor.

Teething with irritability and anger

Teething with sudden pain and flushed face

Acutely inflamed gums that are sore when touched


One cheek appears hot and red while the other is pale

Face is hot and flushed Staring eyes Mouth is hot and dry Gums are painful and inflamed

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