A stye is a small, pus-filled boil that forms at the base of an eyelash. It is caused by an infection and usually clears up by itself within about seven days, but it can be aggravated by tiredness. For recurrent styes, constitutional treatment (see page 176) is advisable. SELF-HELP Rest the eyes. Avoid touching the eyes, especially with dirty hands, and never squeeze a stye. If a stye persists, try hot-spoon bathing: wrap cotton batting around the handle of a wooden spoon, dip it into very hot water, then place the cotton against the stye. Repeat several times.

Inflamed eyes with itchy eyelids

Inflamed and painful eyes

Eyes are red and swollen Eyelids itch

Small boils on the eyelids develop heads of pus

Eyes are red, swollen, and painful Small boils on the eyelids develop heads of pus

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