Skin growths blemishes

symptoms Multiple moles and blemishes, acne on the back and chest, or boils. There may be itching and a tendency to bruise or bleed easily. Symptoms better In the evening. Symptoms worse For undressing.

See also Allergies, page 206

Crotalus horridus horridus


KEY SYMPTOMS bleeding, possibly from every orifice • septicemia or even septic shock • aversion to tight collars

The Latin name for the rattlesnake derives from the Greek krotalon, meaning "rattle" or "castanet." This is due to the distinctive rattling sound made by the snakes tail, which vibrates at 50 beats per second as the creature prepares to strike its prey. The remedy, proved by the US homeopath Dr. Constantine Hering in 1837, is prescribed primarily for a range of serious disorders, including hemorrhaging, angina, strokes, and infection.

Advanced Acne Elimination

Advanced Acne Elimination

There are so many misconceptions about what exactly causes acne and why certain people suffer from it while others live a blemish-free life, never having to experience the pain from excessive acne.

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