common names Sarsaparilla, wild licorice. origin Native to Central and South America and Jamaica.

background Long used medicinally by indigenous tribes in South America, sarsaparilla was introduced to Europe in the 17 th century as a cure-all. It was later used to flavor root beer. preparation The dried root is steeped in alcohol, diluted, and succussed.

Sarsaparilla is most effective for people who are depressed and anxious, blaming their state of mind on the pain they feel. They tend also to feel the cold.

Sarsaparilla has a strong affinity with the urinary tract. It is prescribed for cystitis characterized by a constant urge to urinate, pain as urination ends, and possibly blood or a sandy or gravelly precipitate in the urine. There may be involuntary dribbling of urine, especially on sitting down, and normal flow may only happen when in a standing position. Symptoms better For standing; for uncovering the neck and chest.

Symptoms worse In the spring; for wet and cold weather; for movement; as urination ends; during menstruation.

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