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common names Siberian rhododendron, yellow snow rose.

oRiGiN Found mainly in alpine areas of Siberia, but also in mountainous regions of Asia and Europe.

background An infusion of this plant is a traditional Mongolian drink used by hunters to ease weary, painful limbs and for gout and rheumatic pains.


(Siberian rhododendron)

Rhododendron is most suited to nervous, overly sensitive people who are deeply affected by the weather. Prior to a storm, they may feel confused, excited, and faint, alternating feverish excitement with chaotic behavior.

The symptom picture for this remedy focuses primarily on joint problems such as gout, arthritis, or rheumatic pain. Symptoms may affect the fibrous tissues, small joints, bones, and nerves, often resulting in swollen joints, with tearing, wrenching pain that causes restlessness, weakness, and stiffness in the limbs. Joint pains may move around the body. The remedy may also be used to ease swelling in the scrotum (hydrocele). Symptoms better For warmth; for the heat of the sun; after a storm breaks; for wrapping up the head; for lying in bed with the limbs drawn up; for movement.

Symptoms worse For rough or windy weather; for getting wet or catching cold; before storms; for changes in temperature; for rest; on beginning to move.

See also Hydrocele, page 264

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