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Antimonium tart. is appropriate for rather attention-seeking people who respond well to rest, comfort, and reassurance. The remedy also suits children who tend to complain unless they are carried around.

Illness often exhausts these individuals, making them feel restless, generally apathetic, and drowsy Their energy levels may be so low that they are unable to cough up mucus and seem in danger of suffocating in their own secretions. They become irritable and averse to being bothered or disturbed by others, and dislike being touched or examined.

Typical symptoms include a lack of thirst, and profuse, cold sweat. Antimonium tart. is used for chest complaints, such as whooping cough, that are marked by the sound of mucus rattling in the chest. It is also given for headaches, nausea and vomiting, and skin problems such as acne, impetigo, and chicken pox.

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