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People who respond best to Merc. corr. are prone to anxiety and restlessness, which may develop into delirium and stupor during illness. They often feel detached or disconnected from others, and may stare blankly at people when they are talking,

humulus lupulus

iit without comprehending what they are saying.

Symptoms linked to Merc. corr. tend to be excessive, rapid, and violent, often centering on the digestion. The remedy is used for colitis or dysentery with hot, foul-smelling stools, cutting pains, and constant straining, even after passing a stool. Great straining may be needed to empty the bladder. Burning in the throat, stomach, rectum, and bladder, with great susceptibility to the cold, may be linked to throat complaints treated by Merc. corr., such as swollen glands, a constant need to swallow despite pain, and ulcerated tonsils. Symptoms better For rest. Symptoms worse For open air; for urinating; for passing a stool; at night. See also Ulcerative colitis, page 190

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