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This remedy is best suited to people who have lost all conception of time and feel separated from ordinary life. They may be introverted, lethargic, depressed, and resentful and distrustful of others, and can experience irrational changes in mood. A general loss of identity and willpower may affect them, along with an impression that life is meaningless. They may have the strange feeling that their whole being has become transparent, enabling them to see their internal organs.

The symptom picture for Anhalonium is of mental exhaustion, hallucinations with brilliant-colored vision, migraines, and lack of coordination. Headaches or migraines may occur in the front of the head, or there may be a persistent aching, tired sensation at the back of the head. There may be blurred vision, dilated pupils, or grotesque, multicolored, distracting vision disturbances. Listening to music may trigger the feeling that each note is surrounded by a halo of color that pulses to the music.

Severe lack of coordination is also associated with Anhalonium; it may be accompanied by muscle tremors, nausea, and faintness, and neuralgic pains and paralysis in the face. The brain is often overactive and prevents sleep. Symptoms better For lying down. Symptoms worse For closing the eyes; for movement.

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