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Symphytum's marked affinity with the bones in herbal medicine is also carried through to its focus in homeopathy It is used to heal sprains and fractured or badly set bones, as well as to ease any pricking pain from old injuries to the bone, cartilage, and periosteum (the membrane surrounding the bone), or pain on the site of an amputation. Abscesses in the psoas muscle (which links the hip and the pelvis) and malignant bone tumors on the face may also be helped by Symphytum.

In addition, the remedy is prescribed to treat painful eye injuries with strange sensations—for example, on closing the eyelids, the eyeballs may feel raised, although there is no visible sign of injury. There is frequently a marked tendency to rub the eyes and great difficulty in opening the eyelids.

Symptoms better For warmth. Symptoms worse For injuries; for a blow to the affected area; for touch or pressure on the affected area; for sexual excess; for movement.

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How To Win Your War Against Anxiety Disorders

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