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Those who respond best to Ledum have a tendency to be angry, dissatisfied, anxious, antisocial, or even demented when ill.

Ledum is best known as a first-aid remedy for cuts, grazes, puncture wounds, insect stings, and black eyes and other eye injuries. It is used to prevent infection in open wounds, especially in severe wounds with bruising, puffy, purplish skin, and stinging pains. It may help treat a slow-healing black eye. Ledum is also used for bleeding into the eye chamber after an iridectomy (removal of part of the iris). Other symptoms treated with Ledum include rheumatic pains that arise in the feet and move upward, and stiff, painful joints that feel hot inside despite being cold to the touch. The pain may be relieved by cold compresses. Symptoms better For cold compresses. Symptoms worse For warmth; at night; for touch.

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