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Those for whom Borax is most appropriate are irritable, angry, and passionate. They tend to be very fearful, even of the slightest noise, and prone to phobias. If pregnant, women suited to Borax dread labor. Mental activity or stress causes nausea, giddiness, and a fear of falling, which become worse for downward movement, such as that of an escalator. Children may feel worse for being carried or swung downward.

Classic symptoms associated with Borax focus particularly on the mucous membranes of the digestive tract and the skin. In children, there may be weight loss and a failure to thrive.

The remedy is used for painful ulcers that develop in the mouth or on the tongue, and for ulceration that extends down through the whole gastrointestinal tract. Further symptoms may include cold sores on the lips, a hot, dry mouth containing a white fungal growth, and increased salivation during teething. Symptoms better In the morning; for pressing on or holding the painful area. Symptoms worse For cold and damp; for sudden noises; for downward or upward movement. See also Phobias, page 211

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