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Comocladia is most appropriate for irritable people who are prone to maliciousness, gloomy behavior, and restlessness while awake. Sleep refreshes them, however, and they enjoy vivid pleasant, and perhaps even clairvoyant dreams. The key physical symptoms associated with this remedy include nerve sensitivity and skin problems such as extreme itching, burning, inflammation, and blistering. The skin may flake or shed itself, or it may redden, possibly forming stripes. There may be ulceration or other swelling, which may be fever-related.

Symptoms better For open air; for scratching; for movement. Symptoms worse For heat; for touch; for rest; in the evening.

How To Have Beutiful Non Aging Skin

How To Have Beutiful Non Aging Skin

Age does a lot of things to us and most of them arent good. Sure, we may get wiser, and more knowledgeable as a result of our experiences over time, but time also takes a hefty toll on our health, and appearance.

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