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This remedy is most appropriate for people who feel jealous and forsaken. They fear being alone and love crowds and activity. They are frequently hypochondriacs who are sensitive to the cold. Characteristically they tend to be preoccupied by death and dying, and their dreams may feature corpses. They may feel that they are being haunted by ghosts. Right-sided symptoms are generally predominant.

Crotalus casc. is typically used for this state of mind in conjunction with a sense of constriction, which is sometimes felt as a band around the throat or abdomen, so that wearing clothes causes discomfort. It is used for burning urticaria in crops over a single body region. Symptoms better For open air. Symptoms worse For cold; at night; on the right side; for washing; for menopause; for drinking.

Peripheral Neuropathy Natural Treatment Options

Peripheral Neuropathy Natural Treatment Options

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