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Those for whom Kali. iod. is best suited have strong tempers, and know that they can be cruel and difficult for others to cope with, especially their families.

Classic symptoms indicating the Kali. iod. remedy include chronic catarrh, recurring sinusitis, swellings, abscesses, or atrophy of the glands. Symptoms are characteristically long-standing, and tend to be accompanied by great weakness, sensitivity, and soreness that is difficult to pinpoint on the body There is frequently water retention and swelling, and a desire to move around in the open air.

Kali. iod. is often prescribed for the treatment of discharges that are copious and watery, possibly with chronic allergic rhinitis and pain in the sinuses. It is also prescribed for thick, chronic catarrh, accompanied by an unpleasant smell and susceptibility to nosebleeds. Symptoms better For cold air; for open air; for movement.

Symptoms worse For heat; for warmth from clothes or a hot room; at night; for rest; for pressure or touch.

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How To Win Your War Against Anxiety Disorders

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