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People who benefit most from Sabal tend to brood on their symptoms, yet are often angered by sympathy They may be irritable, apathetic, introverted, depressed, and afraid to go to sleep.

This remedy is given mainly for problems of the genitourinary organs. Typical symptoms treated include frequent urination, especially when this occurs at night, which may be due to cystitis. Urine retention due to prostate enlargement or gonorrhea may be helped by Sabal, as may inflammation in the seminal tubes, heavy, aching pains or, occasionally, sharp pains in the bladder that extend to the abdomen or radiate down the thighs. Another typical symptom is a sensation of coldness in the bladder, possibly extending to the external genitals. Sabal is also used for sexual or general fatigue. Symptoms better After sleep. Symptoms worse For cold, damp weather; before menstruating; for sympathy. See also Prostate problems, page 202

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